Roof Repair

Every day, your roof is exposed to sun, rain or wind. No matter how strong your roofing material is, it can still get damaged by the elements or simply wear down with time.

If you need roof repair in Melbourne, the professionals at Sky Ways Roofing are ready to take the job. As a hardworking, experienced company, we offer long-lasting repairs for a competitive price.

Roof Repair for All Roof Types

If you notice a problem with your roof, get it fixed right away. Even the smallest roof leak can lead to mould and rot which can quickly damage your ceiling.

Along with repairing roof leaks in Melbourne, we can fix any area of your roof, including:

  • Ridge capping
  • Gutters
  • Downpipes
  • Insulation
  • Gables
  • Spin ventilators
  • Valleys

Each of these roofing parts is crucial for a roof’s success. For example, the ridge cap seals the two sides of a sloped roof. A damaged ridge cap could let rain into your home, so you’ll want to get it repaired quickly. Similarly, if your spin ventilator stops working, your attic may not properly ventilate. Get it fixed immediately to avoid mould growth in your attic.

If necessary, we can re-bed and re-point your tiled roof. Roof bedding and pointing holds your roof’s tiles in place, but it can weaken over time. Re-bedding and re-pointing strengthen your tiles and protects them from damage.

If your roof is beyond repair, we recommend roof replacement. Fortunately, we can replace your roof for an affordable price. Our owner is a roof specialist distributor and can buy tiles at a low cost.

Call Sky Ways Roofing

If a professional hasn’t looked at your roof for a while, call the local experts at Sky Ways Roofing for roof repair in Melbourne. We offer a free inspection, measure and quote.

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